Since the 1980s we have been utilizing our many years of experience and extensive expertise to create flexible sanding brushes for a wide variety of applications.


Cosma sanding brushes are used to process wood, plastic and metal. They make the surface smooth and adhesive (for lacquers) and are ideal for deburring and breaking edges.


Technical Specifications

We can supply brushes with grit sizes ranging from 40 to 800, diameters ranging from 150 to 425 mm and working widths of between 50 and 1400 mm (or even longer).

Rotary Brushes Sandpaper - Sanding

  • Sandpaper Roller Brush

    Use the Cosma cylinder brushes with a sandpaper and brush combination to get a smooth sanded finish. We manufacture any type of wood finishing brush.

  • Tailor-Made Services

    Cosma offers tailor-made services, so you achieve an exceptional finish. From re-trimming to refurbishing, from testing the effects of the brushes to designing brushes to your request, Cosma has the know-how and experience.

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  • Industry Leading Brush Solutions

    Cosma delivers bespoke, high-quality and robust brush solutions for the parquet sector and flooring production lines. Efficient and cost-saving brush technologies are key for Cosma. Our specialism in the wood flooring industry has lead us to work alongside many thought-leaders within the industry. We are constantly designing and improving our brush products in our test center. If you would like to visit our test center, please contact us.