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brush technology and surface processing techniques of the markets in which Cosma operates

Cosma Brush Technology

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Sanding and distressing for furniture, wall panels, doors and windows.


Deburring, satinizing, roughening metal frames, steel plates and cases.

Plastic extrusion

Structuring and deburring plastic components and beams. 

General information

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Surface treatment

Cleaning tiles, stone, marble, rubber, any type of material.

Deburring with brushes

For metal surfaces, edges, aluminium beams and steel pipes.

Distressing wood

Steel wire brushing, antiquing and aging wood products.

Sanding brushes

For wood planks, floors, doors, frames, windows and beams,

Flooring production line

All machines and brushes for wood flooring production.

Finishing wood flooring

All the brushes you need for antiquing, sanding and oiling.


The oil applying and spreading machine for wood.