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Cosma Brushes Machines Flooring Parquet Production

Welcome to our supply site for Manufacturers of Parquet & Wood Floorings

specialist in flooring production lines, wood finishing and brush technology since 1948

Cosma Borstelfabriek Holland

specialist in machine & brush technology

Flooring production line: structuring, sanding, applying and spreading oil or stain. No matter which surface treatment or treatments you need, Cosma can help. We offer a range of modular machines and specialist brushes which can process any product down to the finest detail. All our machines and brushes can be customized to suit your specific requirements.

Cosma Brushes

for any wood finish

Solid oak, Oak wood flooring, Hardwood flooring, Oiled finish, Solid wood flooring production line, Engineered wood, Distressed laminate, Flooring production line, Cherry wood, Laminate, Hard wood, Sanding, Refinishing

Cosma Distressing Brushes Brush Manufacturer

By wire brushing or nylon abrasive

Cosma Pad Brushes Brush Manufacturer

For oil spreading

Cosma Wood Working Brushes Brush Manufacturer

Sanding, distressing, oiling...

Cosma Machinery Brushes Brush Manufacturer

Sanding brushes made for your machine.

Cosma Machine Builder Wood Parquet

For various surface treatments

Cosma Brush Sanding Wheel

Smoothing wood surfaces

Cosma Oiling Brushes for Parquet Production

Applying oil and stain

Our First Choice

Tailor-made brushes and machines 


Designed and built to your specifications and requirements, and fully integrated into your production process.  Sanding, distressing, applying and spreading oil and stain, cleaning and de-dusting. With a craftsman's precision and for a wide variety of applications in the wood floor industry. If you would like to test our brushes and machines, you are always welcome at our test centre in Weert.

Call: +31(0)495 532 354 or e-mail:

Machine builder - Modular structure


Cosma machines consist of various modules that can be combined in a range of configurations according to the desired technique(s). Different processing steps can easily be combined in a single production flow. We integrate all the desired units into one or more compact production machines, allowing the entire production flow to be set up optimally and efficiently. For example: by combining distressing units with sanding units.

Surface treatment of other products and materials: Furniture, Wall panels, Metal, Plastic, Stone...


Cosma brush technology is applied in many industries and used for divers types of applications, such as deburring, descaling, cleaning, satinizing and more. The brushes suit a wide range of existing machines and power tools, but Cosma designs and manufactures also custom made brushes to fit your machine. Discover here a variety of the industries that apply Cosma brush technology and surface treatment machines.

Cosma Tool Brushes for Power Drill


Sanding and distressing for furniture, wall panels, doors and windows.

Cosma Deburring Metal


Deburring, satinizing, roughening metal frames, steel plates and cases.

Cosma Structuring Deburring Plastic

Plastic extrusion

Structuring and deburring plastic components and beams. 

Cosma Brush Manufacturer

General information

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