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In the production of products such as wooden floors or stairs, stain is applied with a roller coater. Cosma’s cylindrical horsehair brushes provide the best results for spreading water-based stain on wooden floors, scaffolding wood and other products.

Rotary Brushes - Horse Hair - Stain Spreading

  • Cylinder Brush for Applying Stain

    This tufted roller brush is highly recommended for applying stain on wooden floorings and parquet.

  • Tailer-Made Services

    Cosma offers tailor-made services, so you achieve an exceptional finish. From re-trimming to refurbishing, from testing the effects of the brushes to designing brushes to your request, Cosma has the know-how and experience.

    Need more information about this brush and/or would like to receive a quote? Then please add this product to your request and send it to us via this website.

  • Industry Leading Brush Solutions

    Cosma delivers bespoke, high-quality and robust brush solutions for the parquet sector and flooring production lines. Efficient and cost-saving brush technologies are key for Cosma. Our specialism in the wood flooring industry has lead us to work alongside many thought-leaders within the industry. We are constantly designing and improving our brush products in our test center. If you would like to visit our test center, please contact us.

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